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What makes Gamers Angry at Web Sites Built To Get Them Laid?

What makes Gamers Angry at Web Sites Built To Get Them Laid?

Gamers—no matter exactly how incorporated into main-stream tradition video video gaming is becoming—are nevertheless regarded as lonely, weird, socially embarrassing people who have trouble with the reverse sex. Not absolutely all gamers fit within those stereotypes, the same as not absolutely all home run titans just simply simply take steroids, but, just like that specific instance, you can find constantly some whom snuggle up easily inside the cliche.

Recognizing a prime space on the market, Tom Thurlow established two matchmaking internet sites for gamers who interact better through technology than IRL: and, the 2nd of which enables gamers (and, presumably, anybody who desires to screw a stranger) to have together for casual, no-strings intercourse. You would imagine the response will be positive—finally, someplace for harrowingly embarrassing gamers to flirt with every other—but, whenever one of many UK’s biggest video gaming internet sites, CVG, got wind, these people weren’t too pleased about this. In accordance with CVG, the videos on Shag a Gamer that offer suggestions about just how to act whenever users meet females for the time that is first “only somewhat less painful than renal rocks. “

Being a gamer myself, we have exactly what CVG says: it is not exactly a good idea to discharge a movie that presumes every gamer on earth is just a lonely virgin, but had been individuals at CVG simply using the videos too seriously? I acquired in touch with Tom Thurlow to know him away.

VICE: Hey Tom. Therefore, just just what made these websites are started by you?

Tom Thurlow: i have been enthusiastic about game titles since I have ended up being 12 years of age. Continue reading What makes Gamers Angry at Web Sites Built To Get Them Laid?