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3 Best Solutions to Improve Not New Hard Drive Speed After Updating Windows

With the onset of Windows 10 19H1 May update , Microsoft adds Blur Background Sign-in Screen so as to stylish the Desktop Screen. Under Device Settings, make sure Enable software updates on clients is set to Yes. On Windows NT, the Last Known Good Configuration option in startup menu relinks the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet key, which stores hardware and device driver information. First of them is to refuse the installation, second one – to remove the update from the system(rollback to the previous restore point, backup deployment, and other options).

Users will see options for OneDrive for Business attachments, and may be prompted to use ODB for file attachments. As you can see, there are many things you can do to improve your privacy when using the latest version of Windows 10. While users of the home edition can no longer turn off Cortana without fooling around in the Registry, we can rein in Cortana to some extent, thereby minimizing her access to our personal data.

However, an administrator can still configure Automatic Updates through Control Panel. This is the Continue on PC button that will surface a dialogue box with the two sharing options, i.e Continue Now or Continue Later. Beside Microsoft wushowhide.diagcab there is the Windows Update MiniTool from This tool provides a neat GUI to select and download updates. If the Windows 10 Disk Cleanup utility is stuck while trying to clean Windows 10 update files, you can abort the current cleanup process and try to delete the files manually.

A number of guides on how not to delete the Downloads folder is a hint that users were accidentally emptying this folder even though it wasn’t checked by default. Open Settings and click on ‘Apps’ on your Windows device. The CPU throttling feature helps to preserve power and reduce the heat that chip will generate. This section contains all Windows Group Policies related to Windows Updates. I sometimes wonder if it spends more time protecting the OS from users than from external threats.

With certain settings, you can get quick access to the camera, schedules, alarms, and even contact information right from the Lock screen. Don’t worry, you can easily disable security questions for local accounts in Local Group Policy Editor. We could also use the Registry to enable or disable shared experiences in Windows 10, but we do recommend only trying this method if you know what you are getting into. Standardization means that PWAs are truly multiplatform and Google requires developers to adopt PWA standards for Chrome apps.

10000 DLL files are offered as a free download to fix errors "dll not found". If the list entry is just a folder or a shortcut, you can open its location in Windows Explorer. Auto install and reboot without end-user control – Updates download automatically and then install during Automatic Maintenance when the device isn’t in use or running on battery power. 4. Double-click on the newly created values, select "Decimal" in the Edit Value window and enter the number of days you would like to delay or hasten the auto-restart deadline.

If you’re running low on space on Windows 10, you can use Storage sense to comctl32.dll missing windows 10 quickly remove temporary files to free up space — Here’s how to do it. Here on the notification panel, hit the Rotation lock button. Remember, you will not be harmed by writing some PySimpleGUI code just like you won’t by writing some tkinter or Qt code. If you want to do a deep dive into the how and why check out my review of the X, but for now what you need to know is that only some apps run on the X but they all work on the Surface Pro 7.

A lot of users are ignoring to use Windows Update , regardless Microsoft is recommending using Windows Update to increase the security of your operating system. If you want a clear lock screen wallpaper, here’s how to disable background blur. If you don’t like the new transparency and illumination effects, part of the Microsoft Fluent Design System, on Windows 10, use this guide to go back to a solid color design.